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Target Security Breach

Nationwide retail giant Target has formally announced today that they are the victim of a data breach. The impact of this breach is estimated to affect 40 million Target shoppers who made purchases in their stores from November 27 to December 15.

A complete copy of Target’s press release can be found at

PlainsCapital Bank is monitoring the situation and reviewing our customers’ debit card activity for fraudulent transactions. You should regularly review your account activity and immediately report any unauthorized transactions. If you used your PlainsCapital debit card at Target from November 27 to December 15, we recommend you visit your local PlainsCapital Bank location and request a replacement debit card.

PlainsCapital Bank Receives Reports of Phishing Calls

PlainsCapital Bank has received reports of phishing calls and texts purporting to be from PlainsCapital Bank and requesting debit card information.

PlainsCapital Bank will never text, call, or email a customer asking for information such as account number and/or Personal Identification Number (PIN). These calls have been received by both PlainsCapital Bank customers and non-customers in a specific area code and are part of a nationwide fraud scam affecting financial institutions across the country. The scammers are using the bank’s name to phish for information.

Should a customer receive a call that you suspect may be fraudulent, they should disregard and immediately report the incident to or the nearest PlainsCapital Bank branch.